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Question 1

Which of the following did Bill Cullen <B>not</B> host?

The Price Is Right
Pass the Buck
The $25,000 Pyramid
The Match Game
Not only did Bill Cullen host The Price is Right, Pass the Buck, and The $25,000 Pyramid, but he also hosted Hot Potato and Three On a Match. He also spent a combined 23 years on the panel of To Tell the Truth and I´ve Got a Secret.

Question 2

Who was the original host for Jeopardy!?

Bud Collyer
Bill Cullen
Art Flemming
Bob Barker
Alex owes his popular version of Jeopardy! to Art Flemming who built it into a lunchtime ritual of the ´60s and ´70s through 12 seasons.

Question 3

Johnny Olson is famous for his announcing but which game show did he actually host?


Question 4

Who made Password an American institution?

Garry Moore
Allen Ludden
Gene Rayburn
Charlie Weaver
The Famous Word Association Game that rolled through the ´60s and ´70s among daytime´s best was led by none other than Allen Ludden whose wife, Betty White, was a regular on the show.

Question 5

Name the first woman to host a game show.

Whoopi Goldberg
Karen Valentine
Rose Marie
Arlene Francis
The First Lady of panel shows was the charming Arlene Francis. In 1949, she became the first female to host a game show, Blind Date.

Question 6

Who went from Tonight Show announcer to hosting The Match Game?

Richard Dawson
Art Flemming
Gene Rayburn
George Gobel
Gene Rayburn was a former Broadway actor and Tonight Show announcer. Although he presided over many shows, it was The Match Game that made him a legend.

Question 7

Garry Moore was already a superstar when he started to host two separate game show. What were they?

Hollywood Squares & Hot Potato
Wheel of Fortune & Jeopardy!
The Newlywed Game & Press Your Luck
I´ve Got a Secret & To Tell the Truth
Garry Moore was already a television superstar when he furthered his popularity as the longtime host of I´ve Got a Secret and the ´70s revival of To Tell the Truth.

Question 8

In the 50´s and 60´s, who hosted both To Tell the Truth and Beat the Clock?

Bud Collyer
Garry Moore
Johnny Olson
Wally Cox
On To Tell the Truth, Bud Collyer´s sincere "Thank you for coming. Good night, and God bless" warmed our hearts while his energetic, noisy side was loved on Beat the Clock.

Question 9

One year after Bob Stewart created the successful $10,000 Pyramid, he brought us Jackpot! in the 70´s. Who hosted it?

Geoff Edwards
Dick Clark
Bob Eubanks
Chuck Barris
Geoff Edwards hosted this fun riddle game. The show was a success and had three runs on TV in the mid 70´s on NBC, in the 80´s on USA Network, and in syndication from 1989-1990. Mike Darrow hosted the 80´s version of Jackpot! which aired on USA Network.

Question 10

Art James hosted what ´<I>huge</I>´ game show?

Tic Tac Dough
The Magnificent Marble Machine
Make Me Laugh
Chain Reaction
The Magnificent Marble Machine started out with two teams, made up of one celebrity and one contestant. A riddle/clue was flashed to the players, the first player to correctly answer the clue received one point for the team, and five points won the game and the chance to play the Magnificent Marble Machine.

Question 11

Which of the following group of game show names were actual names of real game shows?

Bump & They Say
Picture This! & Right ´n´ Left
411 & Big Sister
Go & Missus´ Goes-A-Shopping
That´s right! #4 were actual names of game shows. Kevin O´Connell hosted Go which was a mix of Get Rich Quick and Chain Reaction. Unfortunately, it only lasted about 26 weeks. Running in the 40´s, The Missus´ Goes-A-Shopping was based on a radio show that ran for a decade. The show was filmed in Manhattan grocery stores, and featured women competing in market-themed races and stunts. The show was later renamed This is the Missus, hosted by Bud Collyer.

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