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Question 1

Mobile Army Surgical Hospital _______

M*A*S*H-Mobile Army Surgical Hospital 4077.

Question 2

Who was the only actor who played the same character on the series and in the movie?

Alan Alda (Hawkeye)
Larry Linville (Frank Burns)
David Ogden Stiers (Charles Winchester)
Gary Burghoff (Radar O´Reilly)
Gary Burghoff (Radar O´Reilly) was the only actor who played the same role in the movie and in the series? Gene Wood (General Hammond) also played the same role, but he had only some guest-roles.

Question 3

Who was the only actor to have actually been in the Korean War?

Jamie Farr (Klinger)
Alan Alda (Hawkeye)
McLean Stevenson (Lt. Col. Blake)
Larry Linville (Frank Burns)
Jamie Farr (Klinger) the only cast member was who had actually fought in the Korean War.

Question 4

Three minutes after Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen finished the water-flow in New York City increased by 300,000,000 gallons? Engineers blamed it on people waiting till the show was over to go to the bathroom.

Believe it or not...that´s what was said.

Question 5

What was the name of the spinoff of the original M*A*S*H?

M*A*S*H Journeys
4077 Forever
After M*A*S*H
Hot Lips & Hawkeye
The television channel CBS which had also shown M*A*S*H bought the first 13 episodes, without ever seen an episode of AfterM*A*S*H. This show ran from September the 26th 1983 to May the 31st 1985. There were 30 episodes (seperated in 2 seasons) made, but only 29 were shown on TV, because the channel (CBS) started showing a news-broadcast on that time.

Question 6

"I´ve got a soft spot for Klinger. He looks a little like my son, and he dresses a lot like my wife."

Frank Burns
Col. Potter
It was good ol´ Colonel Potter who had a soft spot for Max Klinger.

Question 7

"I´d sooner share my toothbrush with a Democrat"

Margaret "Hot Lips"
Col. Potter
Charles Emerson Winchester III
You know Charles. Always very liberal about his political views.

Question 8

What musical intrument does Father Mulcahy play?

Father Mulcahy played the piano.

Question 9

What is Radar´s middle name?

Radar´s middle name was indeed, Eugene.

Question 10

What did Frank usually drink?

Shirley Temple
If you said Shirley Temple, you´re absolutely right. That´s pretty well as hard as Frank would drink most of the time.

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