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How long will Everyone Loves Raymond be on television?

CBS makes deal with Everyone Loves Raymond

CBS has paid $140 million dollars to ensure that Everyone
Loves Raymond
will continue on the network for at least
two more years. That amounts to over $3Million per episode.

Is Spin City returning?

Spin City to return

ABC has renewed Spin City for another season, its sixth.

When did The Courtship of Eddie´s Father air?

The Courtship of Eddie's Father

The Courtship of Eddie's Father ran from 1979 to 1973 on ABC. The show was based on the movie of the same name. It starred Bill Bixby as Tom Corbett, Brandon Cruz as his son, Eddie, and Miyoshi Umeki as Mrs. Livingston, the housekeeper. Tom Corbett was a widower raising his young son alone. Other cast members were James Komack and Kristina Holland. A notable recurring character (Joey) on this show was played by a very young Jodie Foster.

When was Green Acres on TV?

Green Acres

Green Acres ran on CBS from 1963 to 1970.
It starred Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. Oliver and Lisa Douglas moved from Park Avenue to the town of Hooterville to escape the rat race.

Are there any new shows coming up?

New series from former Frasier producers.

Emmy-winning TV veterans Christopher Lloyd and Joe Keenan's new series "7 roses" has been acquired by CBS. It revolves around an eccentric family running a New England restaurant/inn.

Who were the stars of The Bob Newhart Show?

The Bob Newhart Show

The Bob Newhart Show aired on CBS from 1972 to 1978. It starred Bob Newhart as psychologist Bob Hartley. Suzanne Pleshette played his wife, Emily. Bill Dailey was their neighbor, Howard Borden. Peter Bonerz played Jerry Robinson, a dentist and friend of Bob's.

When did Night Court air?

Night Court

Night Court ran from 1984 to 1992 on NBC. It starred Harry Anderson as Judge Harold T. Stone. The show also starred John Larroquette, Markie Post, Richard Moll and Charles Robinson. The setting was a night courtroom in Manhattan.

Will Becker be back next year?

More renewals

These shows have been renewed for the 2001-2002 season:

The King of Queens, Becker, and Yes, Dear. After marathon negotiations, Frasier has been renewed until the end of the 2004 season.

For information on more renewals and other TV news, visit the TV Guide site atTV Guide Online

When was I Love Lucy on the air?

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy aired from 1951 to 1957 on CBS. It starred Lucille Ball as Lucy Ricardo and Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo. Ricky Ricardo was a club owner and band leader, Lucy was his wife who, more than anything, wanted to get into show business. Other cast members included Vivien Vance as Ethel Mertz, William Frawley as Fred Mertz, and Keith Thibodeaux as Little Ricky.
There are plans for a full-length film of the series.

What has Richard Pryor been up to?

Black History Month Celebrated on Comedy Central

Chris Rock, Whoopi Goldberg and Richard Pryor have teamed up to make us laugh and celebrate Black History Month on Comedy Central in a five-part series that started Monday, February 4, and will show throughout the month.

How do I get free tickets to tv shows?

Audiences Unlimited, Inc.

You can get free tickets to many sitcoms at Audiences Unlimited, Inc.. Just find the show you are interested in and order tickets. Each show has a page that tells you what dates are available and has a blurb about what the show is about.

Will the Osbournes come to Britain?

Brit TV Battles Over The Osbournes

Britain's Channel 4 looks like it's going to win the bidding war again. Currently, Channel 4 is paying out a cool $1 million an episode for The Simpsons and at last release, says they are in the final stages of signing on The Osbournes as well.

Who starred in Petticoat Junction.

Petticoat Junction

Petticoat Junction ran on CBC from 1963 to 1970. It starred Bea Benederet and Edgar Buchanan. It also featured Linda Henning, Meredith MacRae and Pat Woodell as Betty Joe, Billie Joe and Bobbie Joe Bradley. Occasionally there would be cross-overs with Green Acres.

Any specials coming on TV Land?

TV Land Wedding Marathon

Tune in this Friday, June 21st, for TV Land's wedding marathon. Starts at 8:00 with the Brady's very first episode and ends with the Dick Van Dyke's wedding in which a crippled jeep and a sprained ankle make Rob two hours late for his own wedding! All your old favorites from Mayberry RFD to Happy Days to Mary Tyler Moore will be included and more.

When was Alice on TV?


Alice aired from 1976 to 1985 on CBS. It starred Lynda Lavin as Alice Hyatt, a waitress and single mom. The show also starred Vic Tayback, Beth Howland and Polly Holliday.

Does Mike Myers write and produce all the Austin Powers movies?

Austin Powers Is Back Again

One of Saturday Night Live's prodigal sons is back on the big screen. Mike Myers is back as Austin Powers and Doctor Evil.

Who is Paul Gross?

Due South

Due South ran on Canadian television from 1994 to 1998. It starred Paul Gross as RCMP Constable Benton Fraser. Fraser had gone to Chicago on the trail of his father's murderers where he hooked up with Detective Raymond Vecchio. Fraser's dog, Diefenbaker, was also a major part of the series.

When was the Dick Van Dyke Show aired?

The Dick Van Dyke Show

The Dick Van Dyke Show was on the air from 1962 to 1966 on CBS. It starred Dick Van Dyke as Robert Petrie, a television comedy writer, and Mary Tyler Moore as his wife, Laura. Other stars were Morey Amsterdam as Buddy Sorrel (his wife was named Pickles), Rose Marie as Sally Rogers, Carl Reiner as Alan Brady , and Richard Deacon as Mel Cooley.

How long was Ozzie and Harriet on television?

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet first began as a radio show. It moved to ABC-TV in 1952 and ran until 1966. It starred the real-life family, The Nelsons; Ozzie, Harriet, David, and Ricky. It was the longest-running sit-com.

How old is Ozzy Osbourne?

Ozzy & The Osbournes

MTv has a smash hit on their hands with "The Osbournes." The show stars heavy metal rock idol Ozzy Osbourne, his wife, Sharon, son, Jack, and his daughter Kelly. There is another daughter who lives in a guest house out back who wished not to be filmed during the 6 months that cameras and microphones filled the house.

How long has David Letterman hosted his show on CBS?

Where Will Dave Go?

ABC's Disney is after CBS' David Letterman and there is a lot of commotion going on. Dave has been allegedly offered millions to jump to ABC to replace NightLine.

Is Bob Newhart going to be in any shows?

New sitcom for Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart will be co-starring in a new sitcom pilot.
It will air on NBC and star rap star Sisqo as a former baseball stadium vendor who gets his own TV show.

Why does Ozzy´s other daughter choose to be off camera?

The Osbournes are Invading Your TV

MTv has brought you the Ozzy and Harriet of 2002. This isn't your typical family but you're guaranteed to get a laugh in from time to time and see how a star family lives together. You can watch Ozzy Osbourne and his brood on MTv on Tuesdays at 10:30.

Is Brian Grazer, producer of ´Grinch´, also behind this ´Cat´ show?

SNL's Mike Meyers to be the Next Seussian

Mike Meyers will appear as the next Seussian character to come to life when he portrays the cat of 'The Cat In the Hat.'

Why did TNN stop all the Ole Opry and other shows?

Kelsey Grammer Is Such a Rat!

Rat? Kelsey? Of course he is...coming in 2003, Kelsey Grammer will lend his voice to a new adult toon for TNN: The National Network called Gary the Rat. TNN is also buying rerun episodes of The Ren and Stimpy Show. Both will have a featured primetime block.

When was Barney Miller on the air?

Barney Miller

Barney Miller ran from 1975 to 1982. It starred Hal Linden as Captain Barney Miller. Also in the cast were Barbara Barrie, Ron Glass, James Gregory, Gregory Sierra, Max Gail, Abe Vigoda and Jack Soo.
The setting of the show was a police precinct in Manhattan.

Has Ozzy lived next door to any other celebs?

Pat Boone Loves The Osbournes

That's right! Not only was Pat Boone once a neighbor of the Ozzy's but his biggest regret was not inviting them over for dinner. He admits that he misses them terribly.

Who were the stars of All in the Family?

All in the Family

All in the Family ran from 1971 to 1979 on CBS. It starred Carroll O'Connor as Archie Bunker, Jean Stapleton as Edith Bunker, Rob Reiner as Michael Stivic (Meathead), Sally Struthers as Gloria Bunker Stivic. Archie Bunker has been named television's favourite comic character of all time.

What were the air dates of the Partridge Family

The Partridge Family

The Partridge Family starred Shirley Jones, David Cassidy, Dave Madden, Susan Dey, Danny Bonaduce, Jeremy Gelbwaks (for only the first season), Brian Forster and Suzanne Crough. The show was about a family musical group and was based on the true life band, The Cowsills. It ran from 1970 to 1974 on ABC.

What new shows are coming up on the Comedy channel?

That's My Bush!

South Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have created
a new sitcom based on the current US president. The title of
which is That's My Bush!

The show stars Timothy Bottoms and Carrie Quinn Dolan.

What was After Mash?

After M*A*S*H*

After M*A*S*H* ran from 1983 to 1984 on CBS. It starred Harry Morgan, Jamie Farr, and William Christopher. Colonel Potter, Sergeant Klinger, and Father Mulcahy from the original M*A*S*H* series end up together in a veterans hospital in the US after the Korean War ends.

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