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Who was Stan Margulies?

Stan Margulies

Stan Margulies, who produced two of the most watched miniseries in television history, Roots and The Thorn Birds died February 27th of cancer. He was 80.

He earned three Emmy awards; in 1977 for Roots, and in 1979 for Roots: The Next Generations. The series chronicled the family of the late author Alex B. Haley from slavery to present times.

His third Emmy was in 1979 for Separate but Equal, which starred Sidney Poitier in a documentary
drama about the early career of Thurgood Marshall, the first black U.S. Supreme Court justice.

The American Film Institute honored him in 1996 with its annual Producer of the Year Award.

Greg Warner was in another comedy, wasn´t he?

Yes, Dear

Yes, Dear is exactly that. A delightful comedy about family and married life and doing things your spouse, particularly your wife, wants you do, not exactly wanting to do it, and having nothing else to say but, "Yes, Dear."

Where can I find out about the new teams of the Amazing Race?

Amazing Race 2

It's official! The Amazing Race 2 will air on CBS Monday, March 11th, at 10 p.m. before going to it's regular scheduled night, Wednesday at 9, starting on the 13th.

How can I find out more about the Humane Society?

The Price Is Right

The Price Is Right has been seen on television for 30 years! It's still just has fun and entertaining to watch than ever before. Bob Barker and announcer Rod always keep us coming back for more.

Who was Douglas Adams?

Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams, writer of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and various other books died on May 12, 2001. He was 49. The cause of death is believed to have been a heart attack he suffered while working out in the gym

For more information, visit this link:

Has Dan Rather written any books?

CBS Evening News

Dan Rather is still going strong and bringing you the latest from around the world.

Why do they cut shows after one viewing some times?

Say Farewell to 'Wednesday'

ABC's new comedy 'Wednesday,' 9:30 (8:30 Central), got dropped as fast as it started. The network cancelled 'Wednesday' on Monday after the series about a fictional network failed to win an audience.

Where did Ray Ramano get his start?

Will Ray Leave CBS Too?

Ray Romano's contract is also coming up for renewal. "Everybody Loves Raymond" is heading into its 7th season, and CBS does not want it to be the last for the top 10 show. The network is hoping that $40 million will convince Ray to stick around for two more years.

How long has Dave been the host of the DLS?

Dave's Staying With CBS

Dave said he was flattered by all the attention but has chosen to remain at CBS. "All of a sudden [CBS executives] can't suck up to me enough," he joked. "I finally got a get-well card from my bypass surgery two years ago." Letterman also said he felt uneasy being asked to replace a TV news institution like Ted Koppel.

How can I find out more about the cast of The Guardian?

The Guardian

The balance of justice and power could never be more unbalanced in this provocative drama on CBS. The Guardian stars Australian native Simon Baker as Nick Fallin, a fast-paced, hungry attorney who works for his prestigious father who just happens to own the notable law firm he works for. Life, and a judge, has dealt him some community service through a children's advocacy agency which reminds him that there are people worth protecting and defending.

Wasn´t Richard Dreyfuss in Jaws?

The Education of Max Bickford

This isn't just a drama. It's very humorous and a must see on Sunday nights. Max Bickford, played by Academy Award winning Richard Dreyfuss, is at a crossroads in life in more ways than one. One of his past students and ex-lover gets the promotion he's been waiting for, his best buddy returns as a woman, and the only real base to his life is his adoring, eleven year son.

Can I chat with the cast of Big Brother?

Big Brother

Twelve people stuck in a house they can't even leave for 24 hours at a time for $500,000. Think you could do it? Well, eleven other people thought the same thing in the original Big Brother.

Can I look forward to an Amazing Race 2?

The Amazing Race

You're dropped in the middle of nowhere with nothing but your companion to help you figure out where in the world you are. Oh yeah, you get a backpack, a cell phone, and a few other small items. The finish line? You won't know until you're almost there.

How much does it usually cost to produce shows like AFB?

AFP Soars to CBS

The director of Top Gun and executive producer of Black Hawk Down have teamed up to take us to extraordinary heights in CBS's new show AFB: American Fighter Pilot. AFB starts out with three men embarking on an incredible journey when they enlist to serve and protect their country.

When did The King of Kensington run?

The King of Kensington

The King of Kensington ran on the CBC from 1975 to 1979. It starred Al Waxman as Larry King and Fiona Reid as Cathy King. It was the story of a storekeeper and his relationships within the Kensington area of Toronto.

How long has David Letterman been on the Late Show?

Late Show Tidbit

The Late Show with David Letterman has been on the air since 1993. It airs on CBS at 11:30pm Monday to Friday.

How do I find out when Perry Mason aired?

Perry Mason

Perry Mason was on the air from 1957 to 1966 on CBS. It starred Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale and William Hopper. Perry Mason was a defense lawyer who only lost one case during the run of the show.

What did Rosemary De Camp appear in?

Rosemary De Camp

Although she started as an ingenue, she quickly made her mark as a character actress, frequently having to use old-age makeup. Before appearing in movies, she was on radio, playing Nurse Judy on Dr. Christian for 17 years. On TV, she played the wife of Riley on The Life of Riley, first opposite William Bendix, then with Jackie Gleason. She was a regular on the CBS sitcom The Bob Cummings Show and played Marlo Thomas' mother on That Girl.

Beatrice Williams-Rude

When can I hope to catch JAG?


JAG, Judge Advocate General, is a weekly cliffhanger about an elite legal wing of officers trained as lawyers who investigate, prosecute, and defend those accused of crimes in the military. You never know what mystery will be unveiled from week to week--terrorism, murder, treason, and that could just be in one night!

What was Joe Mannix´s secretary´s name?

Gail Fisher

Gail Fisher, who won an Emmy for portraying Joe Mannix's secretary, Peggy Fair, died in Los Angeles on February 22. She was 65. She studied
with Lee Strasberg and worked with Elia Kazan. She appeared in a Lincoln Center production of Danton's Death.

Does Richard Dreyfuss plan on doing any movies soon?

Max Bickford Has Changed

"Max Bickford" premiered last fall and since then, the show's executive producers have changed. You can look for Max to have changed as well. Max isn't going to be as sour as he used to be but he'll still be a man of many colors.

How many TV series has Tony Danza played in?

Family Law

Family Law starring Kathleen Quinlan, Dixie Carter, Christopher McDonald, Tony Danza, Salli Richardson, Merrillee McCommas, Orla Brady, and Meredith Eaton is one of CBS's best kept dramas. It's about a unique group of lawyers who have banded together to form a new firm after the husband of one, Lynn Holt (Quinlan), left her and took their joint practice with him. They are committed to creating a successful practice focusing on sensitive family issues and absolutely don't always agree.

Where have I seen Paul Sorvino?

That's Life

Beautiful, intelligent, and full of life, Lydia (Heather Paige Kent) is such a likeable person and everyone else seems to think so too. This vivacious, Italian woman touches everyone's soul she meets with her spirit and charisma. Of course, her family has a thing or two to say about her life.

How can I find out about the cast of all the Survivors?


Survivor is the ultimate game show/primetime show wrapped up in one. You get everything! Drama, comedy, adventure, and competition.

When did Howard Koch direct?

Howard Koch

Howard Koch, veteran producer and director, died February 16. He was 84. His TV credits included
Maverick, which he directed and produced, and The Untouchables. He was a past
president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, as well as the head of production
at Paramount Pictures. He also produced eight Oscar shows. He ran Sinatra Enterprises from 1961, where
he was an executive producer on several features. He also worked as an independent producer on The Odd
and Airplane.

Is this Roger Bart´s first series?

Roger Bart to Star in Upcoming CBS Comedy Show

A yet to be named CBS comedy pilot, from former "Frasier" producers Christopher Lloyd and Joe Keenan, will star Tony award-winning Roger Bart of "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown." He'll play Paul Newman, the long-suffering assistant to a famous author.

How can I let David Letterman know about my ´stupid trick´?

Late Show with David Letterman

Evening news got you down? Let David Letterman on CBS tickle your funny bone each week day night with the Late Show.

Where´s the CBS News Sunday Morning website?

CBS News Sunday Morning

Just because it's Sunday doesn't mean the world takes a break and that includes CBS News Sunday Morning.

Didn´t Touch by an Angel cancel at one time?

Touched By An Angel

You can bet each and every week that your heart and family will definitely be touched by this endearing show. There has never been such an excellent selection of a cast on a show in years.

When can I catch Baby Bob on TV?

Baby Bob

Baby Bob has been said to crack'em like a young Jackie Gleason and now you can find out for yourself with this new CBS comedy. This new comedy stars Joely Fisher and Adam Arkin as Baby Bob's parents.

What day and time can I look forward to watching First Monday?

First Monday

The Supreme Court better watch out because James Garner is invading the justice system in First Monday. In this new CBS drama, you can catch the behind-the-scenes action of the supreme justices to find out they're not much different than you and I, but then again, yeah, they are.

Wasn´t Amy Brennaman on NYPD Blue?

Judging Amy

Amy Brenneman and Tyne Daly star in this genuine, heartwarming show about a single mother, Amy, who has left New York to become a family court judge in Hartford. Tyne Daly plays Amy's very headstrong mother who has opened her doors to let Amy and her daughter move in with her.

Will we see Ellen host anymore award shows?

The Ellen Show

Ellen has made herself at home at CBS and we're glad she did. Ellen returns to her smaller than small hometown to all who know and love her to mellow out and slow things down from the big city, fast paced life of a high-powered Internet exec. Of course, things aren't that easy, especially on television but her mom, Dot, played by Cloris Leachman hysterically tries to come to her rescue.

When can I catch The Agency on CBS?

The Agency

CBS has brought a new drama to their primetime line-up called The Agency. The Agency takes a look at the high-stakes inner workings of the CIA and the ways in which its cases and investigations are handled.

When did Morton Downey Jr die?

Morton Downey Jnr.

Former talk show host Morton Downey Jr. died March 12th in Los Angeles. He was suffering from lung problems and had already lost a lung in 1996.

His talkshow ran from 1987 to 1989.

How can I find out more about he cast?

Everybody Loves Raymond

You're parents live across the street, your single, divoreced brother can't get his life in order, and no one knows how to knock. Could life get any more normal? It may be normal for some but Raymond and Debra, the great comedy duo of the show, do what they can to stay sane.

When am I able to catch CSI on television?

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Primetime just got a little juicier with CBS's hit CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Solving a crime has never been so interesting and interactive until now.

Do you think they´ll ever have a Survivor in a cold climate?

Survivor 5?

It's official! There will be a Survivor 5. CBS has officially given the green-light to Burnett, Jeff Probst & Co. to get cracking on Survivor 5. Even casting has already begun for the next 16 backstabbers. Currently, Burnett and his team are looking for a location possibly in Central/South America or Asia.

Where can I find out more about ratings on TV?

C.S.I. Beats Out ER Again!

For the second straight week, CBS' C.S.I. has outperformed ER.

Who was Imogene Coca?

Imogene Coca

Imogene Coca has died at the age of 92. She is best known for co-starring with Sid Caesar in Your Show of Shows in the 1950's.

When can I find Becker on television?


Ted Danson does it again in yet another comedy sensation in Becker on CBS. Ted Danson plays none other than Dr. John Becker. He may not be as charasmatic and charming as Sam Malone, but a lot has to be said of his witt and humorous sarcasm.

When can I hope to catch The King of Queens on TV?

The King of Queens

The chemistry between Kevin James and Leah Remini on The King of Queens is exceptional and hysterical. Kevin James plays Doug Hefferman who'd like to think he's the king of Queens and of his own house, and Leah Remini plays his adorable, spunky wife Carrie who has a saucy ways of reminding him he's not.

Haven´t I seen Craig T. Nelson in something else?

The District

Craig T. Nelson has yet another hit on his hands in The District showing weekly on CBS. The District is too true to life and it should be. It was inspired by the real life and times of former New York Deputy Police Commissioner Jack Maple, stars Craig T. Nelson as Jack Mannion, who is a champion of the underdog.

How can I get on Craigger´s show?

Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn

If David Letterman has kept you up and you can't don't want to go to bed, then stay up to watch the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn.

Who was Ann Sothern?

Ann Sothern

Actress Ann Sothern died March 16th, she was 92. She starred in two TV shows in the 1950's; Private Secretary and The Ann Sothern Show. She earned five Emmy nominations for the shows, which she also produced. She also was the voice of My Mother, the Car.

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