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What new game shows are there in England?

Weakest Link

This game show, which has been referred to as a cross between "Who wants to be a millionaire?" and "Big Brother", involves a team of nine contestants who answer general knowledge questions against the clock, and vote off the worst performer after each round. The player who survives to the end collects the prize money.

How can I email WNN?

World News Now (WNN)

World News Now (WNN) brings you news from every corner of the globe, Wall Street secrets, and entertainment all on one broadcast.

Where can I apply for the next addition of The Bachelor?

The Bachelor Hunt

ABC was so excited about their success and smash with The Bachelor that they are looking for more singles. If you are interested, you can find an application and information at The Bachelor Site.

What else have I seen Denis Leary in?

The Job

Denis Leary is back again in his sarcastically hilarious show, The Job. The Job, created by actor-comedian Denis Leary, known for his role in The Ref, and Emmy® Award-winning writer Peter Tolan (The Larry Sanders Show), goes back on duty for a second season. Denis Leary stars as Mike McNeil, a decorated New York City detective whose toughest assignment is himself. His unconventional approach to fighting crime makes him a great cop, but takes a toll on his personal life.

Where can I email 20/20?


Barbara Walters and John Miller dig deep and uncover the unmentionable. Along with John Stossel, it's one of primetime's most thought-provoking hours on television.

Do Dharma and Greg plan on any kids in the near future of the show?

Claudia & Greg?

Greg is dreaming of Claudia Schiffer and even has a chance to cheat on Dharma. Will he do it? The "I Think, Therefore I Am in Trouble" episode of "Dharma and Greg" airs Tuesday, March 19, at 8 p.m. on CBS.

Alias will still be on ABC, right?

ABC & ABC Family to Air 'Alias' Together

'Alias' can now be seen on the ABC Family channel. You'll be able to catch 'Alias' Fridays at 6 pm Eastern.

Where else have I seen Daman Wayans?

My Wife and Kids

Daman Wayans and ABC have a huge hit on their hands with My Wife and Kids. Daman plays Michael Kyle, father and head-of-the-house to the Kyle family. His funny, unconventional methods of raising his kids are balanced out by his beautiful wife's business head and common sense.

How can I submit a video?

America's Funniest Home Videos

It's back and better than ever! America's Funniest Home Videos has gotten a face lift from the stage to the always hilarious, new host, Tom Bergeron who also hosts Hollywood Squares.

Is Dave Letterman staying with CBS?

Let's Hear It For the News!!

ABC News President David Westin, during his regular morning conference call with correspondents this week, issued a 'rallying cry,' promising to defend the network's news division. The little pep talk was needed after ABC's failed bid to dump Ted Koppel's Nightline in favor of David Letterman.

How can I get GMA tickets?

Good Morning America

Grab a cup of coffee and let Diane and Charlie start your morning on Good Morning America. News, politics, consumer reports, parenting tips, and cooking recipes are brought to you every morning with a smile on ABC.

Haven´t I seen Sela Ward play in something else?

Once and Again

Looking for a show that covers parenting, divorce, infidelity, financial hardship, and even death? Then, Once and Again, brought to you by ABC, is all of them wrapped up in one plus more. And, some how, like most of us, this family always find some way to keep pushing forward.

How can I write to Barbara´s Mailbag?

The View

Barbara Walters has brought beauty, intelligence, and humor to daytime like no one else. Joining Barbara for her daily talk show are four witty women with different backgrounds and different age groups. It's an hour packed full of politics, news, and tips, not to mention celebrities, brought to you from a woman's point of view.

Who hosts ´Millionaire´ in Asia?

Millionaire's Hot in Asia

"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" will return to Hong Kong airwaves Sunday in a special pitting the wits of mainland Chinese against Hong Kong contestants. It's time to see if the mainlanders are as intellectually inferior as everyone says.

How can I get on ´Millionaire´?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Regis Philbin brings this classic Brit game show to life for the United States. Questions, lifelines, Regis' canny sense of humor; how could you go wrong?

Where can I find bios on all my favorite General Hospital stars?

General Hospital

You might not want to check in here if you're feeling under the weather, but if you're looking to hook up with a steamy doc, then you have to check out this hospital. If you watched it when Luke and Laura Spencer were the talk of the town and passionately in love, then you'll have to see what they're up to now.

Where can I find a photo gallery of my favorite Port Charles stars?

Port Charles

Jules Vern didn't write any of the scripts for Port Charles but who'd of known? Vampires and time travel are just the tip of the iceburg when visiting the passionate and schandalous town of Port Charles.

How can I subscribe to Peter Jennings´ daily email?

World News Tonight

Whether he's live in the studio or on location, Peter Jennings brings you up-to-date on everything happening in the world and beyond each weekday evening on ABC.

Isn´t ABC worried about another ´Millionaire´ scandal?

"Marry A Millionaire" Again?

No, it's not "Marry A Millionaire" again, but it sounds pretty close. The Bachelor, ABC's new reality series, is due to air Monday, the 25th, at 9 p.m. A 31 year old man, 25 ladies! Is it possible to pick only one? Well, this show has a host with some advice for our bachelor to help him.

How can I get tickets to Politically Incorrect?

Politically Incorrect

Bill Maher brings controversy and thought to prime time every Tuesday night on ABC with Politically Incorrect where you can look forward to seeing a casual panel of celebs and note-worthy people discussing the hot spots of politics and news. Guaranteed to make you think and ruffle a few feathers.

Did anyone ever win the big prize on The Chair?

The Chair's Been Zapped!

ABC's new game show "The Chair" has been pulled from the airwaves after a move to Monday nights failed to boost its ratings. Don't get your heart pumping too hard though, there are unspecific plans to put it back in the line-up in the future.

How can I share my story with Primetime Thursday community?

Primetime Thursday

Each Thursday night, Diane and Charlie team up again to bring you a "what's what" and "who's who" in the political and entertainment world.

When can I look forward to watching Philly?


Kim Delaney, from NYPD Blue, brings you beauty and spunk to one of ABC's new dramas, Philly. She is woman, hear her roar. A year out of law school and she already owns her own firm, and she's steadily making a name for herself as a tough, no-nonsense lawyer. How can life not be interesting, to say the least, when your arrogant ex-husband is the district attorney?

How can I find out about the lingo used on NYPD Blue?


'Set against the gritty and volatile backdrop of New York City, NYPD Blue powerfully portrays realistic characters devoting themselves to the pursuit of justice while struggling to maintain an ever-elusive sense of humanity.' Each week you enter the lives of the men and women in blue. You can see their struggle and joy in their work and in their personal life as well. If you're looking for compelling drama, then you have to look behind these badges.

Any new shows on ABC this summer?

ABC Has the 'Cure' for Your Summer

Starting June 18 at 10 p.m., ABC will start a six-part medical series, Houston Medical. It is a reality-based show but the layout of it is almost like a dramatic sitcom.

Haven´t I seen Kaley Cuoco in something else?

8 Simple Rules for ABC

Young thespians, Martin Spanjers ("Daddio"), Kaley Cuoco ("Ladies Man"), and Amy Davidson have seized roles in ABC's "8 Simple Rules." The show is based on W. Bruce Cameron's book "8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter." Cuoco and Davidson will play the two teenage daughters while Spanjers will play the son. The roles of the father and mother have yet to be cast.

How can I get tickets to my favorite ABC show?

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite ABC shows from Philly to 20/20 and indepth bios on who's who at

How can I find out about upcoming casting information?

One Life to Live

The Buchanan fortune, assassinations, and love all in the small town of Llanview. Life doesn't seem to get any better for these suds characters after 30 years on the air, but they sure get juicier.

When can I watch Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

This isn't your typical game show because for one, the points don't matter. That's right. Never will you laugh so hard at the contestants, the props used, and bits played out with the assistance of the audience.

Heather Locklear is a drama show queen. How does she like comedy?

Spin City

Never has a show made politics so amusing. Michael J. Fox made Spin City a hit when it first debued on ABC and the show continues to make us laugh with his replacement, Charlie Sheen.

When can I look forward to seeing The Practice?

The Practice

Sex, humor, and justice. Don't think they sound right together? Then you haven't checked out ABC's award-winning show, The Practice. These attorneys are passionate inside and outside of the courtroom and as you can imagine, not every day is a bed of roses.

Will there be more Dinotopia?

Dinotopia Lives On

For all of you who fell in love with Dinotopia, the made-for-TV movie on ABC, it looks like ABC is going to turn it into a weekly show now.

When can I watch Alias?


One of ABC's newest hits, Alias brings suspense, action, and drama like you've never seen before. Like they say, "Choose your alliance." Well, on a weekly basis, cunning and beautiful, Sydney Bristow must decide who her alliance is and who will help keep her alive the longest.

Doesn´t Kelly Ripa, Hayley, host a talk show with Regis Philbin?

All My Children

Susan Lucci is still going strong as one of soaps favorite daytime queens in All My Children. You'll find nothing less of confrontation, betrayal, and feuding when you check out this soap. And, oh, not to mention the sex appeal and humor.

When can I watch The Chair?

The Chair

That's right, someone has given John McEnroe a job. Not just any job though. He's the new host for a new game show on ABC called The Chair. It's not like any other game show. You can pretend to keep your cool with a smile on your face, but the pounding of your heart can break your bank.

Where else can I find Drew Carey?

The Drew Carey Show

Drew Carey isn't the only hysterically funny character on The Drew Carey Show. Mimi, Oswald, Kate, Lewis, and Mr. Wick are just a handful of Drew's screwed up friends that bring laughs and sarcasm to it's peaks.

How can I send a ´rumor´ to be checked on the Nightline Fact Check?


Ted Koppel runs the show at Nightline on ABC as managing editor and anchor bringing you the news from behind the desk as well as from around the globe.

When can I watch According to Jim?

According to Jim

According to Jim, starring Jim Belushi, is one of ABC's newest comedies this season. Happily married with three kids, Jim is an all-American guy's guy, not quick to admit fault, but a softie underneath. You might even recognize his on-screen wife, Courtney Thorne-Smith, who balances the show with her sweet personality.

Where can I find out about all the Charlie Brown specials?

A Charlie Brown Valentine

No holiday is complete without a "Peanuts" special, and Valentine's Day is no exception.

Did they drop the ´kiss´ episode because it´s owned by Disney?

Once and Again 'Kiss' Pulled

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation is urging members to voice their complaints to Roanoke and Lynchburg-based station WSET-TV, after the affiliate yanked Monday night's episode entitled "The Gay-Straight Alliance." The episode featured Jessie Sammler, Evan Rachel Wood, confronting feelings toward her friend Katie. The two eventually smooch.

Didn´t John Larroquette play in 2 other series on TV?

John Larroquette to Try for Sitcom Gold Again!

ABC's new, untitled drama about the family of a media mogul is bringing in the stars right and left and John Larroquette is just the beginning. Patrick Dempsey, Martin Landau, Balthazar Getty, and Robert Sean Leonard will all star in the new series.

When can I watch Dharma & Greg?

Dharma & Greg

'Golden Globe Award-winner Jenna Elfman and Golden Globe Award-nominee Thomas Gibson return for a fifth season in the romantic, half-hour comedy, Dharma & Greg. A hit since its first season, the series celebrates the power of love and family to overcome the obstacles in a union of opposites.'

What is the Avengers?

The Avengers

Created by Sydney Newman, the series began in January of 1961 and ended in September 1969. It starred Patrick MacNee as Steed and various actresses as his sidekick; among them Diana Rigg as Mrs Peel and Honour Blackman as Dr. Catherine Gale.

The show can be described as a James Bond-type spoof. Similar to American show, The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Information found at:

The Avengers Forever: a virtual encyclopedia.

Who was in Absolutely Fabulous?

Absolutely Fabulous

Absolutely Fabulous ran from 1992 to 1996 on the BBC. It starred Jennifer Saunders as Edina 'Eddy' Margaret Rose Monsoon and Joanna Lumley as Eurydice Clytemnestra Dido Bathsheba Rabelais Patricia 'Patsy' Cocteau Stone . Also in the cast were Julia Sawalha (Saffron 'Saffy' Monsoon ) and Jane Horrocks (Bubbles).
The premise involved two ex-hippies and Edina's sensible daughter, Saffy and how the two complicated the daughters life.

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