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How do I find out who the host of Jeopardy is?


Jeopardy! is hosted by Alex Trebek, a native of Canada.
He has been the host for 16 years. He graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree in philosophy. He began his career in broadcast news with the Canadian Broadcasting Company. Before Jeopardy!, Trebek hosted a number of games shows in both Canada and the US.

Will Survivor All-Star be after or before #5?

Survivor All-Stars

If you've never missed one episode of every Survivor series, then you won't want to miss out on a Tournament of Champions either. If Mark Burnett gets his way, there will most definitely be a Survivor's All-Star.

Where´s the female version of The Bachelor?

Bachelor Comes to Alaska with a Twist

ABC was so tickled over the success of The Bachelor that they've decided to send five lucky bachelorettes to Alaska. The title of this game, Looking for Love: Bachelorettes in Alaska, but of course.

Where´s the new Survivor going to be?

Survivor Jeff Warner on the Outback

Another "Survivor" is just days away. And all the recent press about the show's 4th season has propelled Jeff Warner and fellow show veterans back to the days of tribal councils and sleeping on dirt. There's so much still fresh in our minds about last season though!

Where can I get a Fear Factor shirt or something?

Fear Factor to Hit the Fashion World

NBC's hit gameshow, Fear Factor, is hoping their popularity will help their fashion sales. Next season Fear Factor contestants will be wearing sportswear with the Fear Factor logo emblazoned on them.

How do I get on Jeopardy!?

How to become a contestant

Testing to be a Jeopardy! contestant usually takes place at Sony Pictures in Los Angeles. However, they often hold auditions throughout the world.

To qualify as a contestant you must take a 50 question test, and if you pass the test you play a mock game. The test is videotaped by Alex Trebek and covers a wide range of categories. The mock game follows immediately after the taking of the test. The whole process takes at most an hour and a half.

If you pass the test and play well in the mock game, you are put in the active file for the current tape year. Being put in the active pool does not guarantee that you will be invited to appear on the show.

To arrange a test you can call Luci at (310) 244-5367. 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time). You must be over 18 years old, not have appeared on another game show in the past year or have not appeared in more than two game shows in the past year.

Is Vanna White getting a divorce?

Vanna Calls it Quits!

Don't panic! As of yet, we're not talking about the Wheel but her marriage. Vanna White is divorcing George Santo Pietro, her husband of 10 years.

How do I find out who the hosts of The Wheel of Fortune are?

Wheel of Fortune

Pat Sajak has been the host of The Wheel of Fortune since 1981. He majored in broadcasting at Columbia College in Chicago. He began working as a radio announcer and newscaster while still in school. After a year in Vietnam he got back into the broadcasting business. He eventually became a weatherman in a Los Angeles television station. From there he became the host of The Wheel of Fortune.

Vanna White attended the Atlanta School of Fashion Design and became one of the top models in the area. After school she moved to Los Angeles to become an actress. That changed when she became the co-host of The Wheel of Fortune within two years of arriving in the city.

What is Kathy Griffin up to?

Kathy's So-called Reality

Kathy Griffin (from Suddenly Susan) currently has one of the hottest shows on MTV. The show, called Kathy's So-called Reality, highlights clips from the reality shows such as Popstars and Survivor.

How many game shows does TNN currently have?

TNN's "What Would It Take"

TNN is bringing a new game show to its station about mid-year called, What Would It Take. Hosting the show will be JD Roberto from You Lie Like a Dog. The show offers money to people willing to reenact unique situations.

Who is in the Hollywood Squares?

Hollywood Squares

The newest version of The Hollywood Squares stars Whoopi Goldberg, who also produces. She is the permanent center square. The show is hosted by Tom Bergeron. It has been on NBC since 1998.

Where can I find out about the new contestants of Survivor: Marquesas?

Survivor: Marquesas

The new "Survivor: Marquesas" crew has been announced! But the first question on everyone's mind absolutely has to be, "Can anyone match that loveable Ethan?"

How long has Regis Philbin been doing his talk show in the morning?

Millionaire Once a Week?

That's right! Starting March 4th, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, with the saber-witted Regis Philbin, will be knocked down to once a week.

When is Survivor 5 going to be taped?

Survivor 5 is Rolling!

Survivor 5 started taping June 10th in Thailand. The controversy that surrounded the filming of Leonardo DiCaprio's film, The Beach, on the Ko Tarutao Marine National Park, Tarutao National Park chief Suthichai Viriyakoson has informed the crew of Survivor" that hunting will not be allowed by the players during the filming of the show. Also, destruction to the environment, such as chopping down of trees for shelters will not be allowed.

How can I get on Jeopardy?

Jeopardy Million Dollar Tournament

That's right! The rumors are true. Jeopardy is going to air a million-dollar masters tournament, The Tournament of Champions, in May. The full list of contestants can be seen at

Will there be a new Survivor show?

The next Survivor

The next Survivor series will take place in Kenya, Africa. There is no more information about it for now.

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