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When was The Mod Squad on television?

The Mod Squad

The Mod Squad ran from 1968 to 1973 on ABC. It starred Peggy Lipton, Clarence Williams III and Michael Cole. It was about three juvenile deliquents who were given a chance to avoid jail by working as undercover police officers.

Who are the current stars of Law and Order?

History of Law and Order

Law and Order, created by Dick Wolf, has been on the air since 1990. The first half of each show is about the police investigation of a crime, the second half involves the DA's office and the prosecution of that crime. The cast of the show has changed often. The current cast includes Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, Jesse L. Martin, S. Epatha Merkerson, Dianne Wiest and Angie Harmon. It airs on Wednesday nights on NBC.

How do I find out what Shaun Cassidy is doing these days?


Former teen-idol, Shaun Cassidy, will star in Wilder, a pilot for the USA Network. He plays a former teen-idol who teams up with his younger brother who is a cop, played by Corin Nemic. The two work as detectives.

When was Adam-12 on television?


Adam-12 ran from 1968 to 1975 on NBC. It starred Martin Milner and Kent McCord. It was about two police officers who patrolled Los Angeles.

What show did David Cassidy do after The Partridge Family?

David Cassidy: Man Undercover

David Cassidy: Man Undercover ran from 1978 to 1978 on NBC. It was a spinoff from an episode of Police Story for which David Cassidy had gotten an Emmy nomination. The main character, Dan Shay, was an undercover police office who, because he looked young for his age, usually worked in high schools. Other cast members included Simon Oakland as Lieutenant Abrams, Wendy Rastattar as Joanne Shay, Elizabeth Reddin as Cindy Shay, Michael A. Salcido as Officer Paul Sanchez, and Ray Vitte as Officer T.J. Epps.

Does The Shield rate up their with Third Watch and stuff?

Rampart or Shield? Hmm?

Did you know that originally before the series The Shield aired on FX, it was going to called Rampart? Shortly before airing, the name was changed due to the fact that outside of the L.A. community, no one really knew what Rampart meant thus naming it The Shield. Why this name for America's newest smash? Simple. Police officers carry shields, and their job is to shield the community against those who break the law.

Were there two Dragnets?


Dragnet was on the air from 1952 to 1959 on NBC. It returned, in color, for the years 1967 to 1970. The first series starred Jack Webb and Ben Alexander. The second series also starred Jack Webb, his new partner was played by Harry Morgan.

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