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Is there any other DC Comics shows in the works?

Birds of Prey Coming to WB

Over at the WB, Dina Meyer ("Starship Troopers") and Ashley Scott ("Dark Angel") have joined the cast of the WB's futuristic drama pilot "Birds of Prey." Set in a futuristic city, "Birds" is inspired by the DC Comics offshoot of the Batman comics. It concerns a trio of female crime fighters: Meyer, Scott and the previously cast Rachel Skarsten. Meyer will play Barbara Gordon (aka Oracle) -- a variation of Batgirl; Scott, who remains on "Dark Angel" through season's end, will play Helena Kyle (aka Huntress); Skarsten will be Dinah Lance (aka Black Canary).

Is the US helping Erik Aude with his trouble in Pakistan?

Erik Aude Facing Death Penalty?

Erik Aude, a 21-year-old actor who has appeared on Reba and in Dude, Where's My Car?, arrested at a Pakistani airport for allegedly carrying 3,600 grams of opium. The country is known for its tough treatment of drug offenses, and he could face the death penalty if convicted.

How do I get tickets for Conan O´Brien?

How to get tickets

The address to order tickets for the show is:

Late Night with Conan O'Brien
NBC Tickets
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Standby tickets are given out each morning of a show taping at 9am under the 49th Street entrance to the GE Building. Shows usually tape Tue-Fri, and you must arrive by 4:30pm. Standby tickets are given out one per person and do not guarantee admission.

Where can I get the music from Dawson´s Creek?

100 for Dawson's Creek

The kids from Capeside are celebrating their 100th episode on Dawson's Creek.

What big screen movies are coming to TV?

WB Nets Two Big Movies

40 Days and 40 Nights, starring Josh Hartnett, and Crossroads, starring Britney Spears, are coming to the WB. The WB nabbed both movies for a nice chunk of change. It cost between $4 and $5 million just for 3-4 viewings of 40 Days alone.

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