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How long was the Muppet Show on air the first time?

Kermit & Piggy Are Making a Comeback

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy may very well be the hardest-working celebrities in Hollywood. The Jim Henson Company has recently clinched deals for the famed amphibian and his porky diva companion to star in several new Muppet projects, including their first prime-time television series in more than 20 years.

Is Robert Blake getting out any time soon?

No Bail Today, Blake!

Blake, who has been held in the Los Angeles Men's Central Jail without bail since his arrest two weeks ago on murder, was denied bail despite his dramatic courtroom plea Wednesday to be freed from jail so that he could clear his name in the face of charges that he murdered his wife.

What´s TV Guides most popular cover?

TV Guide Celebrates 50 Wonderful Years

To celebrate their fabulous 50, TV Guide has published a special copy including their 50 most popular covers. Also included in this June 10th release, is who has appeared on the cover of TV Guide the most times.

Has any other ex-politicians besides Springer been a talk show host?

Will Bill be the Next Jerry?

We've all heard all the hype about Bill Clinton becoming a talk show host, well, here's the dibs on that. Yes, NBC did speak to former President Bill Clinton Wednesday about anything he'd want to do. Nothing has been etched in stone as of yet.

Why does it seem like star murder cases take so long?

Not Guilty? Guilty?

The Baretta star, Robert Blake, pleaded not guilty Monday to killing Bonny Lee Bakley last May. It is believed by police that Blake and his body guard plotted his wife's murder.

Are there still reruns of the Orson Welles show?

Orson Welles is Back in

Orson Welles died in 1985 but he's being resurrected to star in a new TV series. "Tales From the Black Museum" will actually be narrated by Welles' voice taken from the 1952 BBC radio series of the same name. It features an actor playing the iconic filmmaker in silhouette. The plot lines are based on true stories taken from Scotland Yard's criminal cases.

Do they plan on an actual reunion of Baywatch?

Baywatch Babewatch on VIP

Look for fellow Baywatch babe Yasmine Bleeth to be on an up-and-coming episode of Pamela Anderson's V.I.P. very soon. Pam goes undercover at a beauty pageant where Yasmine is a judge under some real danger. Check here for listings in your area.

Why was Kelsey Grammer being sued by Artists for $2 mil?

Kelsey Grammer $2 Million Shorter

A federal appeals court on Monday upheld a U.S. District Court's 2000 ruling that Kelsey Grammer, Frasier star and his Gramnet shingle, owe his former talent firm the Artists Agency more than $2 million in unpaid commissions. Grammer has always argued that Artists did not help him get the role of Frasier Crane on Cheers and played no part in the spinoff of Frasier.

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