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When can I catch the new episodes of 24 on FOX?

FOX to Share '24' with FX

FX is airing reruns of '24' for your viewing pleasure. For a complete schedule, please check out schedule listings for your time zone.

Who is Suzanne Pleshette married to?

Mrs. Poston?

Suzanne Pleshette, The Bob Newhart Show and Tom Poston, Newhart are engaged and reportedly got married on May 14th, 2001. They met on the set of The Bob Newhart Show.

Does FX plan on having any other original series?

The Shield Is More Than a Hit!

Since September 11th, America has wanted to see more shows on cops and firemen/firewomen at their best and The Shield couldn't have come at a better time. How can you not love this bunch of bad boy cops who seem to be doing a mean job of cracking crime.

Where is the statue of Mary Richards?

Mary Tyler Moore

The TV Land Network has erected a full sized statue of Mary Tyler Moore's character, Mary Richards, in downtown Minneapolis, Minn. An executive with the Network stated that "Mary Richards is an American icon who captured the hearts of millions while playing an enormous role in redefining women in the workplace".

What is new with Matthew Perry?

Matthew Perry back in rehab.

``Friends'' star Matthew Perry has entered a
rehabilitation clinic for treatment of an undisclosed
condition, the actor's spokeswoman said Monday.

``Following the advice of his doctors, Matthew Perry
has entered an undisclosed rehabilitation hospital,''
publicist Lisa Kasteler said. ``Matthew has every
intention of completing his treatment so that he can
continue his dream of entertaining people and making
them laugh.''

Is Matthew Perry still on Friends.

Perry out of rehab

According to Entertainment Tonight, Matthew Perry was released from rehab and returned to the set of Friends on March 20th.

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