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Who is Charlie Rose?

The Charlie Rose Show

The Charlie Rose Show features the host seated at a table having one-on-one discussions or group discussions. His guests have included everyone from Nelson Mandela to Cher to Frank McCourt. Occasionally he will interview the cast of a current movie, such as he did with the casts of Primary Colors and Love`s Labour`s Lost.

The Charlie Rose Show is produced by Thirteen/WNET New York. It airs at different times in different cities, five days a week, on PBS. Check your local listings for times.

How do i get tickets to Oprah?

How to get tickets to the show

It is very difficult to get tickets to The Oprah Show.
Reservations can only be made one month in advance. Call 312-591-9222, Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm Central Time. The best time to call is between 1:30 and 3pm CT, the worst time to call is right after the show.

How can I email the View?

The View on A&E?

Starting the week of April 7, 2002, you will be able to check out The View on A&E. You will be able to catch The View, at 7 pm/6 pm Central.

How long has Montel been on the air?

Montel: Still Going Strong

The Montel Williams show is now in its 10th year. The fact that Montel was diagnosed with MS has not slowed him down at all. In fact, it has given him one more cause to become passionate about. He has created The Montel Williams MS Foundation. You can donate money at:

The Montel Williams MS Foundation
331 West 57th Street
Suite 420
New York, NY 10019

Montel Williams has been a naval officer and a motivational speaker. He has also appeared as an actor is such TV shows as "Jag" and "Touched By An Angel." He is also a published author.

Guest who appear on "Montel" are not abandoned after the show. In 1992 he created the After-Care Program to make sure guests get the help they may need.

While "The Montel Williams Show" covers many of the same topics as other shows (teenaged pregnancy, affairs, etc.), his approach to these topics is
more humane. You get the feeling he actually cares about his guests and not about getting huge ratings.

How do I find out when and where Jenny Jones is on around me?

2000th Entry for Jenny Jones

Next Monday, April 15, The Jenny Jones Show celebrates its 2000th entry with a special episode looking back over 11 seasons worth of highlights.

What will Rosie do after she quits her show?

Rosie Coming Out of the Closet Hit Big

On ABC's Primetime Thursday, Rosie O'Donnell announced to the world she was gay and the ratings beat out ER.

Where else have I seen Caroline Rhea?

Easing Into Her New Spot

Caroline Rhea, Rosie O'Donnell's talk-show replacement, will be taking over as host on Fridays, giving Caroline time to ease into the new spot. Rosie officially leaves in May.

Who are the women of The View?

The Women of the View

The View, debuted on August 11, 1997. The show airs Monday through Friday from New York City. The women discuss relevant, everyday issues about which they share their opinions, they also feature guests. The show features Barbara Walters (who only appears on the show about twice a week), moderator Meredith Vieira , Star Jones, Joy Behar and Lisa Ling.

How do I get tickets to Rosie?

Tickets to Rosie

To order tickets for The Rosie O'Donnell Show, send a postcard only during the months of March, April, May, and June to:

NBC Tickets
c/o The Rosie O'Donnell Show
30 Rockefeller Plaza
NY, NY 10112

There is currently a 12-month wait for tickets.

For standby tickets: Arrive by 8 on the morning of taping, at the NBC page desk at 49th street. Ticket holders must return one hour before taping, and
standby tickets do not guarantee admission. Children must be 5 or older.

How long has Phil Donahue been retired?

Phil Donahue's Back?

It's true, or at least it's still in negotiations. Phil Donahue is in talks with MSNBC. If all goes well, Phil will grace us with his presence once again only at night to battle out the Nielsons with Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly.

How did Rosie do at the Emmys?

Rosie Leaves With a Bang!

At Friday night's Emmy gala, Rosie O'Donnell once again stole the show during the announcement of the best talk show host and best talk show. Rosie has won the Emmy each and every time she was nominated. This will be Rosie's last week as talk show host before she retires.

When did the Oprah Winfrey show debut?

History and future

The Oprah Winfrey Show debuted in 1986. It will be on the air until at least 2004. The show has become very popular and that popularity seems to continue unabated into 2001.

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