TVShows Frequently Asked Questions

Who was in Absolutely Fabulous?

Who was Ann Sothern?

How long has ER been on the air.

How do I get tickets for Saturday Night Live

Where can I find info about children´s Christmas shows?

When did Morton Downey Jr die?

How do I get tickets to the Tonight Show?

Who was Imogene Coca?

How many television series did Robert Urish appear in?

Where can I snag some MP3´s of Waylon´s best songs?

Besides ´Dukes´ and ´Mamas´, can you name some other hits of Jennings?

Didn´t Waylon Jennings sing the theme to Dukes of Hazards?

Did Waylon Jennings also narrate Dukes of Hazards?

Who are the stars of Star Trek Voyager?

Haven´t I seen Kaley Cuoco in something else?

When did Milton Berle debut?

Is the US helping Erik Aude with his trouble in Pakistan?

Who did Erik Aude play on Reba?

What are the nominated categories in the Daytime Emmy´s?

When can I hope to catch The King of Queens on TV?

What else has Leah Remini been in?

When was Barney Miller on the air?

Who won at the 2002 Daytime Emmys?

When will there be a movie about Prince Williams?

Where can I find out more about the Daytime Emmys?

How did Kelly Ripa get the job of Regis´ co-host?

What is the title of the last Voyager episode?

What´s Matthew Broderick up to?

What is the Avengers?

How long has Montel been on the air?

What is Jerry O´Connell up to?

When was The Mod Squad on television?

How long has Buffy been on TV?

What is the name of Scully´s new partner on the X-Files?

How do I find out who the hosts of The Wheel of Fortune are?

What were the air dates of the Partridge Family

Where can I find PAX TV?

Where can I find more collections of Mary Higgins Clark?

How can I find out more about my favorite Friends star?

When did Jackie Gleason pass away?

How long has Phil Donahue been retired?

Alias will still be on ABC, right?

What will replace Friends?

Any new shows on ABC this summer?

Is Brian Grazer, producer of ´Grinch´, also behind this ´Cat´ show?

Isn´t Mike Meyers also doing a "Powers" 3?

What was After Mash?

When was I Love Lucy on the air?

Who were the stars of All in the Family?

Where else have I seen Daman Wayans?

Has there ever been a Buffy movie?

Has Kyle Howard ever been in another series before?

How can I get on Jeopardy?

How many game show versions of Jeopardy are there?

When can I catch Baby Bob on TV?

How many babies play Baby Bob?

What other real-life TV shows does FOX offer?

Isn´t ABC worried about another ´Millionaire´ scandal?

How did they pick ´the bachelor´?

Any specials coming on TV Land?

How long has Regis Philbin been doing his talk show in the morning?

Didn´t Regis have his own talk show on a solo basis?

Is there any other DC Comics shows in the works?

Is it just me, or is sci-fi winning over real-life on TV?

What did Rosemary De Camp appear in?

When was Green Acres on TV?

What is Ben Kingsley up to?

Is Spin City returning?

How do I find out when Perry Mason aired?

How do I find out what Shaun Cassidy is doing these days?

Is the X-Files coming back in the fall?

What did Regis win an Emmy for?

What was Alien Nation about?

Who are the best actor/actress nominees for the daytime Emmys?

What new shows are coming up on the Comedy channel?

Who´s hosting the Emmys?

How do they choose who´s hosting?

What big screen movies are coming to TV?

What is Patrick Stewart up to?

Will there be more Dinotopia?

Will we be able to watch Disappearance on another night, TBS repeats.

Where can I get a Fear Factor shirt or something?

Why does Ozzy´s other daughter choose to be off camera?

Doesn´t Ozzy´s other kid live in the guest house?

Is Rosie O´Donnell really quitting after 2002?

Does Rosie O´Donnell have any ´Hollywood´ plans in the make?

Where´s the new Survivor going to be?

How do they pick the locations of Survivor?

Who created Futurama?

When did the Oprah Winfrey show debut?

Who is Charlie Rose?

Who is in the Hollywood Squares?

Who starred in Petticoat Junction.

Who was Leyla Harrison.

What was the show Stefanie Powers was on in the 60´s?

What rank is Harry Kim on Star Trek Voyager?

How long was Ozzie and Harriet on television?

Who is Suzanne Pleshette married to?

When will the Tony awards air this year?

Who are the Women of Camelot?

How do i get tickets to Oprah?

What is Kathy Griffin up to?

When was Alice on TV?

How long will Everyone Loves Raymond be on television?

Does VH-1 do pretty good with their ´musical´ movies?

When does VH-1 usually air their movies?

Do you think they´ll ever have a Survivor in a cold climate?

Is Vanna White getting a divorce?

When is Survivor 5 going to be taped?

Will we see Bush on TV soon?

Do they plan on an actual reunion of Baywatch?

What other big stars can we look forward to seeing on VH1 movies?

How long was Andy Richter on Late Night with Conan O´Brien?

Has Andy Richter always been a comedian?

Who was the first African-American to win an Oscar?

Where can I find out who won at the Oscars?

When was Clarissa Explains It All on TV?

What is Paul McCartney up to these days?

Where is Hank Hill from?

When are the emmys on this year?

What has Annabeth Gish done before the X-Files?

Heather Locklear is a drama show queen. How does she like comedy?

What´s Michael J. Fox up to now?

Doesn´t Kelly Ripa, Hayley, host a talk show with Regis Philbin?

How many times has Susan Lucci won an award for playing Erica Kane?

Where can I find bios on all my favorite General Hospital stars?

Where is the official General Hospital site?

When did The Courtship of Eddie´s Father air?

What show did David Cassidy do after The Partridge Family?

Is there a new Star Trek series in the wings?

Where is Buffy now?

Can I write a Star Trek novel?

How long has David Letterman been on the Late Show?

Who are the hosts of Biography?

How do I get on Jeopardy!?

When did The King of Kensington run?

Who is Paul Gross?

Who was Stan Margulies?

When was The Twilight Zone on television?

When did Night Court air?

Does Mike Myers write and produce all the Austin Powers movies?

Hasn´t Mike Myers played more than just Austin in his Power´s movies?

How many TV series has Tony Danza played in?

I´ve seen Kathleen Quinlan in other things, what are some?

Did they drop the ´kiss´ episode because it´s owned by Disney?

Doesn´t Sela Ward do those phone commercials?

Does Richard Dreyfuss plan on doing any movies soon?

What night is Max Bickford on again?

Does FX plan on having any other original series?

When was the first Oscars?

Who received the first Oscar?

After Just Shoot Me moves to Tuesday, what will take its place?

Has Ozzy lived next door to any other celebs?

When is Dinotopia going to be on?

What other new comedies can we look forward to seeing on NBC?

How did Rosie do at the Emmys?

Why did TNN stop all the Ole Opry and other shows?

Will Survivor All-Star be after or before #5?

How do I find out when and where Jenny Jones is on around me?

Will Queer as Folk return next season?

What movies, if any, has Brittany Snow been in?

What all has Josh Brolin played in?

Who was Mel Harris´ character on Something So Right?

Who all is starring in the new St. Georges sitcom?

How long was the Muppet Show on air the first time?

Did Kermit and Piggy ever get hitched?

Has Randy Quaid starred in any other sitcoms?

What are some movies that Randy Quaid has been in?

When was the Dick Van Dyke Show aired?

Were there two Dragnets?

Who are the women of The View?

When was the Bullwinkle Show on TV?

Who is the star of Family Law?

What other shows did John Rhys-Davies walk away from?

When can I watch According to Jim?

Where else have I seen Courtny Thorne-Smith?

How can I find out about upcoming casting information?

How can I find out what happened on yesterday´s show of OLL?

Where can I email 20/20?

What else is Barbara Walters up to on television?

How can I find out about the lingo used on NYPD Blue?

When can I watch NYPD Blue?

Haven´t I seen Sela Ward play in something else?

When can I look forward to seeing Once and Again?

Who were the stars of The Bob Newhart Show?

What is trauma?

Is Jackie Chan on television?

Who are the current stars of Law and Order?

How do I find out who the host of Jeopardy is?

Will Becker be back next year?

How do I get tickets to Rosie?

Did Pat Weaver have a hand in hiring Johnny Carson?

Is Dave Letterman staying with CBS?

Will ABC be looking for a different kind of late night talk show?

What has Richard Pryor been up to?

What´s Whoopi Goldberg been up to?

What else have I seen Denis Leary in?

When can I watch The Job?

When can I find Becker on television?

How can I find out more about Ted Danson´s other movies and shows?

Where can I learn more about Winter Olympics of the past?

How can I find out how my favorite Winter Olympic team is doing?

What´s the Rock doing on TV?

What´s going on with Anna Nicole Smith?

Is Robert Blake getting out any time soon?

Why was Kelsey Grammer being sued by Artists for $2 mil?

Will Conan O. be staying with NBC too?

How much does it usually cost to produce shows like AFB?

Will there ever be a Top Gun II?

Where can I find out more about ratings on TV?

What will Rosie do after she quits her show?

What´s the new name for Rosie´s talk show after she leaves?

What´s up with William Shatner? What´s he doing?

How can I email the View?

When can I catch the new episodes of 24 on FOX?

Where can I apply for the next addition of The Bachelor?

Has any other ex-politicians besides Springer been a talk show host?

Where´s the female version of The Bachelor?

Can I chat with the cast of Big Brother?

Where can I read more about the people who were in Big Brother?

Where can I find out about the new contestants of Survivor: Marquesas?

Is Survivor: Marquesas just as romote and abandoned as the previous?

Where can I find out about the new teams of the Amazing Race?

Where else have I seen Caroline Rhea?

Will Caroline Rhea continue to do Sabrina?

Is Will & Grace the next ´Friends´?

How many game shows does TNN currently have?

When can I watch Alias?

What is SD-6?

Where can I find a photo gallery of my favorite Port Charles stars?

Where can I find a discussion board on Port Charles?

When was Adam-12 on television?

When was Alfred Hitchcock on the air?

How do I get free tickets to tv shows?

Is Matthew Perry still on Friends.

What is new with Matthew Perry?

Where is the statue of Mary Richards?

Doesn´t Greg Grunberg also play on Alias?

Is Anthony Edwards leaving ER this season?

Why´s Anthony Edwards leaving ER?

Who hosts ´Millionaire´ in Asia?

How big a difference is the payoff in other countries?

Are there still reruns of the Orson Welles show?

When did the Orson Welles show go off the air?

Didn´t I see Arija Bareikis in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo?

Wasn´t Arija Bareikis in The Last Night of Ballyhoo?

Can I look forward to an Amazing Race 2?

How can I find out more about the players of The Amazing Race?

How can I find out about the cast of all the Survivors?

I want to be a Survivor! Tell me how.

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